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In the year 2154, two classes of people exist: the very wealthy,
who live on a pristine man-made space station called Elysium,
and the rest, who live on an overpopulated, ruined planet. The
people of Earth are desperate to escape the crime and
poverty that is now rampant throughout the land. The only man with
the chance to bring equality to these worlds is Max (Matt Damon), an
ordinary guy in desperate need to get to Elysium.


With his life
hanging in the balance, he reluctantly takes on a dangerous
mission – one that pits him against Elysium's Secretary Delacourt
(Jodie Foster) and her hard-line forces – but if he succeeds, he could
save not only his own life, but millions of people on Earth as well.




In "Elysium," Neill Blomkamp's shrewdly revved-up and exciting dystopian thriller, Matt Damon's character, Max, spends most of the movie with a spidery black-metal exoskeleton implanted in his skull and spine.



The surgically attached machinery serves several functions at once. It's there to make Max strong — a boost he critically needs, since he's been exposed to a dose of radiation that will leave him dead in just five days. It also allows him to download the contents of someone else's brain.


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But the most important purpose served by that added hardware may be visual and symbolic: It transforms Max into a hulkingly damaged yet superheroic man-machine — a variation on the title character of "RoboCop." And it has the unmistakable look of a cross that he's been nailed to.



Box office preview: 'Elysium' may lift off faster than 'Planes'
Max isn't just fighting to save himself or his fellow earthlings. He's a guy who's been souped up into a post-apocalyptic, action-movie Christ.


"Elysium" confirms the talent — for razory mayhem and shocking satire, for the crazed spectacle of future decay — that Blomkamp showcased in his amazing first feature, "District 9" (2009). I've never forgotten that film's images of gargantuan alien spaceships hovering in the air, or of droid wars as bloody and frenzied as a heavy-metal version of the Crusades.



In "Elysium," Blomkamp comes up with sci-fi conceits that sear themselves into your imagination. The film is set in 2154, and much of it takes place in a crumbling shantytown Los Angeles. Earth has become a great big slovenly police state, with citizens kept in check by clanging robot officers programmed to presume that you're guilty. Max, a former car thief who now works on an assembly line (that's where he gets zapped with radiation), is hauled before his parole officer, who turns out to be an old carnival mannequin that speaks like a voicemail menu and says things like ''Stop talking!''








上週開片票房在台開出紅盤,週末全台吸金5千萬,擠下 農曆七月最夯的鬼片厲陰宅及降魔戰警,勇奪票房冠軍。



上週末的開片票房不但是導演尼爾布隆坎普處女作《第九禁區》全部票房(2300萬)的兩倍以上;也超越麥特戴蒙神鬼系列中,開片(五六日)票房最 佳的《神鬼認證:最後通牒》(3537萬)。《極樂世界》在美國的開片週末票房也以3千萬美金(約台幣9億元) 奪下冠軍,贏過珍妮佛安妮斯頓的喜劇電影《全家就是米家》及第三名的《波西傑克森》第二集,不愧是麥特戴蒙從影最震撼演出,光頭剃得值得!




導演尼爾布隆坎普擅長在科幻電影的包裝下,討論他所關心的社會議題。《極樂世界》描述西元2154年人類社會貧富不均極度分化的狀態:有錢有權有 地位的人住在人工打造的太空站烏托邦 “極樂世界”,那裏沒有痛苦,沒有疾病,只有奢華享受;其他人只能擠在資源耗盡,殘破不堪骯髒惡臭的地球,每天掙扎過活。



電影中茱蒂佛斯特與麥特戴蒙飾演的角色分屬兩個對立的象限,茱蒂力求保護極樂世界不受一般民眾的”入侵”,而麥特試圖改變世界,打破貧富階級的圍 籬。導演尼爾布隆坎普為求畫面真實,將整個團隊拉到位於墨西哥,全世界第二大的貧民窟拍攝,讓演員每天聞臭與垃圾為伍也在所不惜。做視覺特效出身的導演有 了在貧民窟拍攝的超殘破地球,當然也完美打造出場景如夢似幻的極樂世界,貧富兩相對比畫面超級震撼。













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